About Us


Randell is a seasoned electrical engineer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. However, with the arrival of his first child,

he found science geek like himself was not good at feeding. After tried various bottle warmers, he found that the products on the market were not suitable for beginner. They either warm too slowly or overheat the milk. After suffering endless fussy days and sleepless nights, he decided to develop a bottle warmer that could help him warm milk smartly.


With the support of his wife, Randell began his research journey. He did countless experiments and tried numerous structures to ensuring that the device is intelligent and simple enough for beginner parents like himself. Eventually, after overcoming the problem of heating chip, he successfully developed a revolutionary bottle warmer that can perfectly balance warming speed and temperature control. Inspired by his wife and friends, he registered the machine under the brand name GROWNSY, established GROWNSY in 2017, with the aim to help parents in growing families.

GROWNSY specialize in baby products. Randell hopes that GROWNSY can help beginner parents with smart and thoughtful insights built-in the products. After years of accumulation, GROWNSY has created a broad portfolio for all scenarios related to parents and babies, including bottle warmer, baby nasal aspirator, bottle sterilizer, baby food maker, breast pump...

GROWNSY's products quickly became popular globally and it’s over 9,000,000 parent’s choice.