How to confirm whether the abortion is successful?

On July 11, it was reported by the media that Ms. Huang from Nanjing, Jiangsu recorded that she had given more than 500 injections to give birth to her child. According to Ms. Huang, she had already had two babies who had died due to fetal arrest, so she was extra careful this time. She has been working hard to prevent the baby during the entire pregnancy, with more than 500 injections. In the first trimester, Ms. Huang still had a lot of bruises on her belly because of her poor control of the injection technique.

The fetal condition can be judged by follow-up B-ultrasound in the process of fetal preservation. If the embryo grows regularly, the pregnant women’s clinical bleeding and abdominal pain and other abortion symptoms have disappeared, and the hormone levels are within the normal range, then the abortion can be considered successful.

Every miscarriage is behind the tears of a mother and a family. More unfortunately, the risk of recurrence of recurrent miscarriage increases with the increase in the number of miscarriages, and the embryo loss rate of patients with a history of 3 or more consecutive spontaneous abortions after re-pregnancy is 40% to 80%.

If you have a history of recurrent miscarriage, multiple biochemical pregnancies, or symptoms of threatened miscarriage during pregnancy, you need to go to a regular hospital in time. It is best to determine the cause of the miscarriage through various examinations before getting pregnant again, so as to carry out targeted abortion. Pacifier Sterilizer.

Ms. Huang experienced two fetal arrests, and she became more vigilant during this pregnancy and intervened in time. Although the pregnancy was very difficult, fortunately, the child gave birth safely. Now it has been almost 100 days. I hope she and the child can always be healthy and happy.