What is baby sign language?

Baby sign language combines the standardized sign language used by the hearing impaired and unable to speak with some simple gestures that babies are born to use. Co-created by Acredolo and Goodwyn of the University of California, Acredolo is a professor of psychology, and Goodwyn is an expert in infant growth.

The purpose of their creation of baby sign language is to hope that babies can communicate with people through simple gestures when they are still unable to speak. When it was invented, taking into account the baby's ability to learn, the designed movements are relatively simple and conform to our daily habits. So parents and babies do not need to go to training institutions to learn specifically.


The benefits of learning baby sign language

Up to now, the statement that "baby sign language can speed up the baby's intellectual development" has not been able to prove.

1. Speed ​​up the speed of language learning

Part of the reason for the improvement of children's language learning speed is that if babies and toddlers start to communicate with adults, then the adults will naturally interact with the baby happily, and the speed of language learning will naturally increase.

2. Enhance parent-child intimacy

Fundamentally speaking, sign language is for babies to better communicate with their parents. Sign language can make babies and their parents get along more harmoniously. Maybe a small gesture can make you truly feel the sincere emotion that there is no barrier between you and your baby.

3. Use language to communicate more fluently than traditionally educated babies

Since the muscles of the baby's mouth develop slightly later, it will not develop until about 20 months after birth. But at this time, the baby already understands the meaning of communication, and already has the ability to communicate with people around him through gestures. The inventor of baby sign language said so. He also found that deaf-mute children use sign language to communicate more smoothly than normal children use language to communicate.

When do babies learn sign language?

Infant sign language is suitable for every baby who is learning to speak. Most of the children who are learning are babies under three years old. When the baby is 6-8 months old, this stage is the best time for the baby to learn sign language. At this time, parents have been able to handle the matter of raising babies very skillfully, and they have more energy to implement the parenting plan. At this time, the baby can gradually sit down and learn sign language more conveniently. More importantly, the baby's physical development at this time has gradually matured, including hand and eye coordination, understanding, memory, etc., which can meet the requirements of learning.

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