GROWNSY Multi-Function Baby Food Maker

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Intelligent Operation: The Baby steamer and blender provide you with a truly intelligent operation. Just press the automatic button, and the baby processor can complete the steaming and mixing work for you, eliminating tedious and redundant steps.
Multifunctional Baby Processor: Our multifunctional Baby Processor can provide you with steam heating, stirring, and constant temperature preservation. It is suitable for all fruits, vegetables, and meats. It can also heat milk, keep it warm, and even self-sterilize.
Constant Temperature: The LED digital version of in the Baby Warmer Machine can set the constant temperature time to keep milk at an optimal temperature, care for the baby’s intestinal health, and enhance the baby’s resistance.
Customize: The baby blender has two different mixing modes. When the results of automatic mixing are not satisfactory, you can use the touch screen to precisely control the degree of mixing. You can stop or activate the stirring function at any time to meet the baby's needs for different food tastes.
Intimate Design: This product is thoughtfully equipped with a large-capacity mixing bowl and high-quality precision 4 blades to help you easily complete mixing. It is also equipped with a water shortage smart reminder function that will remind you when the baby steamer is short of water

What Are the Requirements for an Easy-to-Use Baby Food Maker?

Many mothers who need to work now have little time to accompany their babies after returning to work, and there is no extra time to make food supplements for their babies. At this time, the baby food processor can help mothers a lot. . However, there are many types of food supplement machines on the market, so which one is easy to use?

1. The material of the baby food maker

When choosing a baby food maker for your baby, you must pay attention to the material. It is recommended that mothers try to choose food-grade PP material or even Tritan material. The safety factor should be very reliable, and it is healthier and safer to use for the baby. Never buy inferior food supplement machines from the wholesale market. material hygiene cannot be guaranteed and it will pose a great threat to your baby's health.

2. The function of baby food maker

In addition to the importance of the material, Baoma also pays attention to the function of the baby food maker. It is recommended that the mothers try to buy the kind of food supplement machine that integrates steaming, cooking, and mixing, so that it is more convenient to use. Not only can it be used to cook porridge for the baby, but it can also be used to squeeze the juice and cook things, which greatly saves mom's time.

3. Easy to clean

The tools for making supplementary food for the baby must be hygienic, and the mother must buy the kind of easy-to-clean brand, which is more convenient for disinfection. If the structure of the baby food maker is too complicated and it is difficult to clean, the food residues will remain in it, which is very harmful to the baby's health.

Adding Complementary Food is a Milestone - A Baby Food Steamer and Blender

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) currently recommends exclusively breastfeeding babies to 6 months of age before starting to add complementary foods. Because small-month-old babies have a tongue thrust reflex, the spoon or other things put in the mouth are pushed out with the tongue, and this physiological reflex usually disappears when the baby is four or five months old. When the baby's tongue reflex disappears, parents can consider adding supplementary food to the baby.

baby food maker parameter

In fact, breast milk and formula milk can meet the nutritional needs of babies at this stage. The main purpose of adding complementary food is to exercise the baby's ability to chew food and adapt to different foods, so that the baby will gradually transition from sucking milk to eating the same food as adults in the future. And from this time on, it is necessary to cultivate the baby's scientific and healthy eating habits. It can be said that adding complementary foods is a milestone for the baby's diet.

Baby food maker, a machine used to make supplementary food for the baby. Because the baby has no teeth, the food is very delicate, which is convenient for the baby to eat. Many food supplement machines on the market are equipped with automatic power-off and trigger protection devices to ensure safety. At the same time, it has an extension design, which is easy to clean and easy to use. In order for the baby to eat healthily, mothers usually make some supplementary foods by themselves. However, traditional food supplement preparation is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to achieve uniform thickness, and there is a lot of nutrient loss during the cooking process. A complementary food machine can last for several hours to make complementary food.

The biggest function of the baby food maker is time-saving and high efficiency. It is suitable for many novice mothers. They can not only do their own things, but also make supplementary food for their babies. Therefore, there are various food supplement machines on the market with multiple functions, such as grinding, stirring, and steaming, to help mothers make supplementary food to the greatest extent. The food supplement made by the baby food maker is more detailed, which is conducive to the swallowing and digestion of the baby. There is no limited time limit for the food supplement machine. Generally, it can be used for several years if you pay attention to the use, cleaning and maintenance.

The baby food processor integrates steaming and mixing, but the operation is simple. Under normal circumstances, you can cut the ingredients and throw them in to make a variety of complementary food purees, which are very delicate and suitable for babies who have just added complementary foods. It saves time and effort. good stuff. But the baby's growth and development is very fast, especially after the deciduous teeth erupt, if you continue to eat mud-like things for a long time, it will be very unfavorable to the development of the teeth and the ability to chew. So before teething, a baby food maker is necessary. After teething, a food supplement is occasionally made for the baby, and the food supplement machine can also be used by the whole family!

Your Baby's First Bite of Nutrition - Food Maker for Baby to Help You Get it

Every step of the baby's healthy growth requires extremely meticulous care from parents. When the child is about 6 months old, in order to have a balanced nutrition for the child, many mothers will choose to give the child supplementary food. If you use a grinding bowl to beat supplementary food, the grinding time is too long, and the food is not refined enough; if you use a soymilk machine or a wall breaker, you have to put enough ingredients to make the machine work, and it is easy to waste food. Grinding baby food with a baby food maker can not only save manpower, but also ensure safety and hygiene.

Babies need a more diversified diet as they grow up. In addition to breast milk, they need to add complementary foods. There are strict requirements for the selection and production of complementary food. After all, it is necessary to consider that the baby's gastrointestinal function is not perfect, and the production of complementary food can be done with the aid of a Baby Food Processor.

After babies start to add complementary foods, they should start with liquid foods, from less to more, from soft to solid foods. At this time, the Baby Food Processor comes in handy. In order not to burden the intestines and stomach, the production of complementary food is very important. As we grow up, we must also take into account the development of the baby's oral teeth, so food can gradually become solid food.

Choosing a baby food maker for your baby must be from the perspective of health and safety. It is not expensive or suitable. From a practical point of view, you can also choose a manual Baby Food Processor, even a small amount of food can be broken. And to add complementary foods to your baby, you must closely observe the gastrointestinal conditions, as well as the digestion of the stool, and try not to eat foods that are not easy to absorb.


Why buy a baby food maker?

Of course, you can also use a pan and hand blender to prepare baby food. In this case, mom or dad needs to cook food continuously. In addition, many important nutrients are lost when cooking vegetables, so steam cooking is a gentler way of cooking. The combination of a hand blender and steamer is also super practical, saving a lot of time. This is the value of a baby food maker!

Complementary food can supplement the problem of insufficient nutrition of breast milk or formula milk powder and plays an important role in the growth and development of the baby. Let's go back to the question of whether it is necessary to buy a baby food maker. Any mother who has experience in making complementary foods knows that making complementary foods is a very tedious task. Starting from the purchase of raw materials, and then cleaning and cutting, but also according to the baby's age, nutritional needs of the day, and personal taste preferences to reasonably match complementary foods. After the preparatory work is done, it is the cooking process. The raw materials must be steamed in the pot first, then minced with a mixer, and the complementary foods are poured into the baby's bowl. After feeding the baby, all kinds of cutting boards, knives, pots, bowls, and spoons must be cleaned. The process is quite complicated.

If a full-time mother takes care of the baby independently at home, it is very difficult to do housework and ensure the safety of the baby. It is also very difficult to make supplementary food while the baby is sleeping. So in this case, is it necessary to buy a baby food maker? This question is self-evident. The answer is very certain: need to buy.

The Grownsy baby food maker cleverly integrates the functions of steaming and whipping. Moms only need to cut the matched ingredients into pieces and pour them into the baby blender, start the machine and select the corresponding program, and the food can be The whole processed or made conveniently.

How to make baby food to the required consistency?

You can adjust the time for "AUTO" function. Increasing time to make the proper puree. If time is too short, there might have chunks. You can also use the "Blending" or "Inching" function to blend some more time to stir the food better.

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