What is good for disinfection home?

Open windows for ventilation

Frequent ventilation is one of the simplest and most direct disinfection methods. Frequently open windows for ventilation to promote indoor air circulation and reduce or eliminate indoor pathogens. First, open the doors and windows of the room and breathe in the room for about 15 minutes, then close the doors and windows, mop the floor with a mop dipped in salt water, and spray disinfectant into the room after the floor is dry (you can also use a rag dipped in the disinfectant to wipe the floor).

alcohol disinfection

Alcohol disinfection is also a very effective disinfection method. For the bacteria and viruses on the surface of the room and utensils, you can wipe it with alcohol. Do not spray on the stove and other places that are prone to open flames. Note that you must use 75% alcohol concentration. alcohol.

UV lamp disinfection

At present, there are many household ultraviolet disinfection lamps on the Internet. The ultraviolet disinfection technology and disinfection efficiency are the highest among all disinfection methods. It can kill the microorganisms in the air by irradiating it for more than one hour when going out. It can effectively prevent SARS, H5N1, H1N1, encephalitis and other epidemic diseases with relatively strong spread. uv light sanitizer box.

UV lamp

84 disinfection

84 disinfection is an effective and easy-to-use disinfectant disinfection method. It is usually better to use 84 soaking liquid for disinfection in homes and offices. The ratio of 84 disinfectant is diluted according to the ratio of disinfectant to water at a ratio of 1:10 (available chlorine content is 5000 mg/L). Daily disinfection in the room can be sprayed in the room with a small watering can with an appropriate ratio of 84 disinfectant, but after use, please pay attention to opening the doors and windows of the room for ventilation.