What is the correct method of mixed feeding?

How to mix feeding has become a hot topic in the world of novice mothers. Understanding the correct method of mixed feeding will not only help mothers to promote the nutrition absorption of their babies, but also help increase mothers' knowledge of parenting. How to effectively mix feeding depends on your understanding of the correct method.

1. Breastfeeding is the first step. It is best for babies under six months of age to breastfeed. If it is time for the baby to drink, first give the baby breastmilk.

2. Add appropriate amount of milk powder. If the baby is still crying after drinking the milk on both sides, then add milk powder to the baby. At the beginning, add half a spoon to a spoon to find out the amount of mother's milk and baby's appetite.

3. Gradually increase the amount. As the baby grows up, the baby's appetite will also increase, and milk powder can be gradually added to the baby. Of course, the mother's milk will also increase with the baby's sucking, and these must be taken into consideration.

4. Drink more before going to bed. Babies under six months of age can drink more milk powder before going to bed, which is conducive to the baby's sleep.

5. For babies over six months old, the amount of milk powder can be reduced appropriately. Babies over six months of age have already started adding complementary foods, so if you drink enough breast milk, you should drink less or no milk powder. You should change and decrease the amount as you did when you increase the amount, so that your baby can adapt to this process.


How to mix feeding?

How to mix breast milk and milk powder is a problem that many novice mothers are struggling with. In fact, this is mainly related to the mixed feeding method of breast milk and milk powder. As long as the new mothers master the mixed feeding method, there is no problem at all to make the baby comfortable, healthy and full.

The amount of other milk supplements for mixed feeding should be determined according to the degree of breast milk deficiency. There are two feeding methods:

1. Complementary method of mixed feeding

The supplementary method is to let the baby take breast milk every time the mother feeds, and then add formula milk after the baby has sucked both breasts. If there is enough breast milk next time, there is no need to add it. The advantage of the supplementary method of mixed feeding is to ensure sufficient stimulation to the breasts, so that the final result of the implementation may return to exclusive breastfeeding. It is recommended that babies under 4 months use the supplementary teaching method.

2. Substitute method of mixed feeding

Feeding breast milk once, feeding milk or milk replacer once, and feeding at alternate intervals, suitable for babies after 6 months of age. This kind of feeding is easy to reduce breast milk. Gradually use milk, milk replacer, rice porridge, and rotten noodles instead of noodles, which can cultivate children's chewing habits and prepare for future weaning.

Regardless of the method of mixed feeding, the baby must be allowed to suck breast milk regularly every day, the amount of milk and food for supplementary or substitute feeding must be sufficient, and attention must be paid to hygiene.

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