Where can I take my children to play in summer vacation?

1. Light luxury cruise

The advantage of a cruise is that there is no need to travel with the group to go to the north and south in a hurry to check in, and it will stop at the tourist attractions along the way. It is both leisure and relaxing, and it is worthwhile for everyone to experience.

Moreover, generally speaking, the catering and services on the cruise ship are also very good, and it includes safe and diverse entertainment facilities, coupled with the provision of thoughtful children's medical care services, which is very suitable for a family of three to travel.

2. Small island holiday tour

If you are traveling with a family, it is recommended to choose small islands, such as Hainan Island, Gouqi Island, Yangma Island, etc., which are all good places for leisure and vacation. When traveling on the island, the elderly can lift their eyes, and the children can participate in water activities with their parents. They can take what they need and relax.

3. Leisure theme park

Taking children to theme parks is also very good. Shanghai Disneyland, Beijing Universal Studios, etc. are all good choices.

Although the projects and activities in it are not as colorful as the general tour groups, the important thing is that the children like it, and the eyes are full of children's idols. Can you not be happy~

What preparations need to be made before traveling

First of all, you must choose the appropriate travel method and location according to the child's age and preferences. Before you travel, you must understand the weather conditions of the destination, and plan the travel time and route.

Depending on the length of the trip, bring enough food and clean water. Younger babies should bring milk powder, warm water, towels, saliva towels, diapers and other items, bottle warmer,as well as some snacks, drinks, toys, books, etc. for older babies.

breast milk warmer

Bring a change of clothes, sunscreen products, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. suitable for travel to cope with different climate changes.

Safety education should be done in advance for children, such as paying attention to traffic safety, avoiding accidental injuries, and guarding against loss. If you are traveling in a group, you must sign a travel contract and purchase accident insurance.

What should I pay attention to when traveling?

When traveling, you must pay attention to travel safety to prevent accidental injuries. Try to avoid crowded places as much as possible for babies to travel, because babies’ immune development is not yet complete and they are easy to get infected and get sick after being exposed to pathogens.

To prevent respiratory diseases, pay attention to hygiene and wash hands frequently; pay attention to food hygiene and safety. Seafood products in coastal cities must be fresh and clean to prevent food poisoning; don’t overeating, don’t be greedy for cold, and eat cold food or drinks. So as to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

Traveling during the day is more tiring. At night, you should pay attention to adequate rest. Don't let your children exercise or be over-excited before going to bed. Avoid eating before going to bed, so as not to affect falling asleep. The temperature of the air conditioner should be suitable, and the bedding should be covered to avoid the cold.

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