7 toys for babies and toddlers you can make at home

7 toys for babies and toddlers you can make at home

Sep 16, 2020XieYifang


For very young children, play is a serious business and can bring a lifetime of benefits. As Harvard University's Dr. Jack Shonkoff says: "Play is exploration. Play is trying things. Play is trying to figure out [why] when you do one thing, something else happens. Play is trying to develop a sense of mastery of the world." 

The good news is children don't need expensive toys to play and learn. In fact, you probably have at home all the things you need to create a fun and engaging game with your baby.

Here are 7 ideas to help get you started. Have fun!


1. Baby mobile

Why: Develops hand-eye coordination and stimulates visual skills. 

2. Peekaboo

Why: Helps children to understand that people and things exist even if they don't see them.


3. Build-a-band

Why: Stimulates the coordination movements and helps strengthen your young child's hands.


4. Shake shake shake

Why: Stimulates your baby's ability to see, hear and grasp objects.


5. Sort the shapes

Why: Helps children learn to classify objects based on colour, shape, size.


6. Tickle tickle

Why: Helps develop senses and encourages communication.


7. Imagination builder

Why: Helps develop your child's thinking, imagination and movement coordination.

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