Can a nasal aspirator suck the nasal mucus in the deepest part of the nasal cavity?

Can a nasal aspirator suck the nasal mucus in the deepest part of the nasal cavity?

Aug 05, 2021XieYifang

Because the baby is still young and can't clean the nasal cavity by himself, it is easy to get stuffy or secretion in the nose, which will cause the baby to breathe hard. In this case, mothers will use a nasal aspirator tool to help the baby suck the secretion or nasal mucus. So, can a nasal aspirator suck the deepest part of the nasal cavity? How to suck the deep part? Let the editor tell the mothers.

The Baby Nasal Aspirator is a tool used when sucking nasal mucus to the baby. It can suck nasal secretions by going deep into the nostril. The correct way to use it is to first put the baby flat on the bed or on the thigh, opposite to the baby’s face, to ensure that the baby’s nostrils can be seen; then gently put the nasal aspirator into the baby’s nasal cavity and slowly loosen the nasal aspirator , Suck out the nasal mucus in the nasal cavity; repeat this process until the baby’s nasal foreign body is cleaned out. If the nasal mucus is too deep, you can use toilet paper to tire the growth strips and reach into the baby’s nostrils to roll out the mucus. Or mothers can use a hot towel that does not burn their hands to warm the baby’s nose to soften the baby’s harder mucus, and then use nasal inhalation The device sucks out.

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The editor recommends moms, because the nasal aspirator is a foreign object after all, there are some uncontrollable factors, a little carelessness will cause damage to the baby's nasal mucosa, so when you use the nasal aspirator to help your baby clean the foreign body, you must control it Good strength, so as not to hurt the baby with excessive force.

If you don’t have a nasal aspirator, you can fold a piece of paper towel into a long strip shape, keeping the toilet paper on the inner side of your palm longer, and then put the paper towel on the baby’s nose to make the nasal mucus stick to the paper towel, and finally pull the short end. , Pull down, and the nasal mucus will be pulled out; or mothers can use a cotton swab to gently put the cotton swab into the nasal cavity to pull out the baby’s nasal mucus; you can also use a warm towel to apply to the baby’s nose and the nasal mucosa After the heat shrinks, the sticky nasal mucus will be easier to hydrate and flow out of the nasal cavity, and the baby will breathe smoothly.

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