Can the yogurt maker be used as a milk warmer?

Can the yogurt maker be used as a milk warmer?

Sep 09, 2021XieYifang

Some people bought the yogurt maker and used it as a milk warmer, because the basic function of the yogurt maker is heating and keeping warm. Can the yogurt machine be used as a milk warmer? Let's find out together.

Yogurt machine

The yogurt maker is a machine for making yogurt with a built-in temperature device that can control the temperature between 35-45 degrees to allow the milk to fully ferment. In such an environment, probiotics will multiply in large numbers. As long as it is heated, people can use the yogurt machine to make delicious yogurt.

Milk warmer

The milk warmer is also called the bottle warmer. Its main purpose is to heat fresh milk, keep the fresh milk warm, or heat rice cereal, fruit juice, and heat milk bottles. Its inner cavity has a caliber greater than 7.5cm and a depth greater than 8cm, can put down a wide-mouth bottle, and the temperature is controlled between 40-100 degrees. Among them, the low temperature is used to warm the milk, the medium temperature is used to heat the rice paste, and the high temperature is used for the pacifier. If the power of the milk warmer is too small, the purpose of warming and warming milk cannot be achieved.

Bottle heater

Yogurt machine vs milk warmer

The temperature control range of the yogurt maker is different from that of the milk warmer. The temperature control range of the former is between 35-45 degrees and the latter is between 40-100 degrees. If you use a yogurt machine to warm milk, you need to drink the milk as soon as possible, otherwise the milk will become cold. In addition, warming the milk with a yogurt machine can easily spoil the milk. Therefore, it is best not to use the yogurt maker as a milk warmer.

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