Caring for baby teeth: buy your first baby toothbrush

Caring for baby teeth: buy your first baby toothbrush

Aug 10, 2021XieYifang

Baby toothbrushes should be designed so that parents can easily master them, because after all, they brush their teeth. You can give your baby a baby toothbrush to chew-but you should use another toothbrush to brush your teeth properly. Initially once a day until the child is two years old. After that, according to the dentist's recommendation, the plan is to brush your teeth twice a day-with pea-sized toothpaste. If you use fluoride children's toothpaste instead of fluoride tablets, the fluoride concentration should be reduced to 500 milligrams per kilogram (ppm).

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The small round brush head with soft plastic bristles is best for children around one and a half years old. The compact handle can also easily grab smaller children with a fist, but the flat version cannot. From around two years old, children can scrub by themselves. But this does not mean that you can let them clean alone. Your fine motor skills are not enough to brush your teeth really effectively. Before that, kindergarten children should move the toothbrush back and forth in their mouths, brushing around a little bit.

This is how children enjoy brushing their teeth

"Me too!"-When children have a toothbrush in their hands and even use it to brush their mom and dad's teeth, they will join enthusiastically. When cleaning, you can hold your older child in your arms or put it on a high chair.

If children sometimes resist dental care, distractions can help: singing, joking, telling a funny story, or brushing their teeth—for example, while playing or listening to a CD. Pediatric dentists recommend this is definitely better than skipping cleaning.

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