How often does the breast warmer change the water?

How often does the breast warmer change the water?

Sep 09, 2021XieYifang

The breast milk warmer is a tool that is convenient for the baby to breastfeed. It can maintain a constant temperature so that the baby can eat milk at any time. The general breast warmer is to put a certain amount of water in a container and set it to the temperature you want. Put the bottle in again, the working principle is relatively simple. The following is a brief introduction about how often the milk warmer changes the water.

How often does the milk warmer change the water?

1. The milk warmer does not need to be used once to change the water, it is only for warming the milk and not for the baby, and you can change it once a day with the bottle, you don't need to change it so frequently.

2. It doesn't need to be powered on. I used it a few times before pour it, especially when the baby was young, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I wanted to pour the water inside. I don’t drink this one, but it may last longer, but this kind of thing won’t last long. I only used it for about half a year.

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3. Two months before the baby was born, breast milk was not enough, and then I bought a breast warmer. Because it’s really too late to make milk when the baby cries. In a hurry. So I soaked the milk at night, adjusted it to 40 degrees, and went to bed. When you cry, pick it up and stuff it in, eat it well before continuing to warm it up. This is really convenient.

How long can the milk be kept?

1. Generally speaking, even if the milk is not spoiled. Milk that is more than two hours old should be discarded, because it may have been infected with bacteria, and it is harmful for children to drink it. For children's health, milk that is more than two hours old should be thrown away.

2. The soaked milk can be placed at room temperature for about 2 hours, and ice frost can be stored for about a day, but the baby's milk is best to be poured out after drinking it. If you can't finish drinking it, don't soak it too much at a time. If you have drunk it, you can't drink it again, because you are afraid of getting bacteria.

The above is a brief introduction on how often the milk warmer changes the water. In short, the water in the milk warmer has nothing to do with the quality of milk, but frequent water changes can increase the life of the milk warmer and protect the hygiene of the milk warmer. Most people change the water once a day, at most once every two days. Water, this will help increase the service life of the milk warmer.

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