How to help baby clean his nose?

How to help baby clean his nose?

Jun 12, 2021XieYifang

You need to prepare two things, sea salt water and nasal aspirator.

There are various brands of sea salt water, and the ingredients are all the same, but the nozzles are not the same, some are dripping and some are spraying.

Personally, I prefer to spray. It can reach the depths of the nasal cavity within a second. The disadvantage is that the child may cry when it is stimulated suddenly, but the tricky kid in my family will cry no matter what he sniffs. It is not as fast as that. Fight quickly.

If your baby is well-behaved and can not cry or struggle with the nose drip, you can wait for the salt water to slowly flow into the deep nasal cavity. Of course, the drip is gentler.

There are many types of nasal aspirators. I personally like the Swedish one the most. Mom uses the pressure of the mouth to help the baby suck the nose. Although it is a bit expensive, it is really easy to use for tears.

Because you don't know where the baby's nasal cavity has nasal mucus, you can use this to control the angle and inhalation force yourself, and suck out the nasty mucus, and the baby will not be very upset.

The specific process of cleaning the nose is as follows:

1. Put the baby's head back slightly, drip or spray the sea salt water, pinch the baby's nose, let the salt water fully moisten the inside of the baby's nasal cavity, and then wait about 10 seconds for the salt water to fully soften the nose.

2. Put the nasal aspirator as far as possible into the baby's nasal cavity (it is too shallow to suck, don’t be afraid, it will not hurt if it goes deep into the nasal cavity), change the angle, and suck out the nasal mucus as much as possible. If you block one side of the nose and suck the other side, the effect will be very good, but if you suck too quickly, it will cause too much pressure on the ears and it will be very painful, so if the baby shows strong discomfort, don’t block it. Lived aside and sucked.

It can last three or four hours to clean the nose at a time. If the amount of nasal mucus is relatively small, five or six hours is also possible. Therefore, if the baby has a stuffy nose, it is best to help the baby clean the nasal mucus before going to bed, at least Can sleep peacefully before midnight.

I was so awake in the middle of the night that I could consider pulling up and inhaling again.

The number of cleanings should not exceed 5 times a day, the less the better, the nasal cavity will be hurt and painful if you clear the nasal cavity too many times. Although sucking the nose for a baby looks very enjoyable, try to restrain it!

In addition, when you take a bath, the steam of hot water will soften your nose when it is smoked. This is also a good time to sniff your nose.

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