How to strengthen the baby's immunity?

How to strengthen the baby's immunity?

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

Immunity improvement cannot be completed in a short time. It requires mothers to pay for a long time. Every aspect from the child's life to the diet needs special attention. If you find that your child's resistance is low for a long time, and some diseases appear, you need to go to the hospital for timely treatment. Today, I will show you how to strengthen your child’s immunity?

1. Breastfeeding

Breast milk is rich in immune-enhancing antibody components to protect the baby until the baby establishes its own immune system. Therefore, after the baby is born, mothers should breastfeed as much as possible to help them improve their immunity. Do not give up breastfeeding easily! How good breast milk is, Xiaokang Jun has repeatedly emphasized countless times. Not only the formula milk powder is simulating breast milk, even DHA, which has been lauded to the sky, was first discovered in breast milk, and then DHA was extracted from deep-sea fish oil. Therefore, breastfeeding babies have unique advantages, and this protection can even last for many years after breastfeeding.


2. Rich nutrition

A scientific and reasonable diet can not only promote the baby's growth and development, but also enhance the baby's resistance. Therefore, parents should choose different foods according to the different stages of the baby, reasonably match them, and enrich the nutrition. For example: within 6 months of birth, breast milk is the best nutritious food (if there is no way to breastfeed, formula milk is the best choice); after 6 months, it enters the stage of adding complementary foods, breast milk (or formula milk) and complementary foods are The best food in parallel is of course breast milk or formula milk; after one year of age, it gradually transitions to eating as the main food, supplemented by breast milk or formula milk. Parents can choose foods that are suitable for their babies. Don't always eat certain foods, which can easily lead to a lack of nutrition.

3. Vaccination

Vaccination for babies is an active measure taken by humans to resist infectious diseases, because vaccines can not only reduce the risk of viruses in the body, but also enable a certain population to produce immune groups. If most people have immunity, then the disease will It is difficult to spread. Therefore, parents must vaccinate their babies on time!

4. Exercise and exercise

Exercise and exercise are a good way to strengthen the baby's resistance, because exercise can not only promote the circulation of lymph in the baby's body (the lymph has many anti-infective cells), but also help the baby's appetite. So no matter what age the baby is, no matter what season, parents should encourage the baby to exercise more, so as to strengthen the physical fitness. Special emphasis: Don't just focus on indoor activities and ignore outdoor activities. Taking the baby outdoors every day to receive some natural light and feel the temperature change process is more conducive to strengthening the baby's own resistance.

5. Get more sun

We all know that too much sunlight is harmful to the baby's skin, but proper natural light can ensure that the baby's immune system works normally, thereby effectively improving the baby's resistance. Therefore, it is recommended that parents take their babies outside to receive some natural light every day when the weather is good, especially for newborn babies, this can also effectively prevent the occurrence of rickets and diaper rash.

6. Good sleep

Adequate rest and sleep can make the body recover quickly. On the contrary, continuous activities will make the baby nervous and tired, and affect the baby's immune system. Therefore, a good sleep is very important before and after the baby is tired and sick! Therefore, parents should help the baby find a balance between activities and rest, patiently help the baby establish a routine of life, and ensure that the baby has a certain rest time every day, including regular sleep time and other rest time (such as time for storytelling) ).

To sum up, it is necessary for parents to pay attention to the improvement of children's immunity and pay attention to the children's physical changes in time. If you cannot clearly understand your child's physical changes, you should go to the hospital in time to understand your child's physical condition and regular check-ups are an important way.

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