Is it boring to play alone after the baby gets up?

Is it boring to play alone after the baby gets up?

Aug 28, 2021XieYifang

After having a baby, mothers and fathers will always pay close attention to the baby's every move, worry about the baby's physical condition, and fear that the baby will be unhappy. Sometimes I find that after the baby gets up, he starts to play alone. It looks very cute in the eyes of adults. At the same time, I also wonder whether the baby needs the company of his parents to be boring?

uncertain! Don't disturb them under non-special circumstances!

Under normal circumstances, the sudden interference of others may cause the baby's attention to be distracted, and his private space is also destroyed, which is not conducive to the growth of the baby.

1. Little babies also need private space

Parents sometimes pay too much attention to their babies, arranging their children's "schedules" full, and arrange what they should do at each time in their own way, so they don't have time to play with themselves. Parents are afraid of their children being alone, and their starting point is to love their children, but babies, like us adults, need private space to "gasp for breath".

Babies learn to play with themselves, which helps them develop self-exploration and self-cognition abilities, so that they can slowly develop their healthy personality. If we take up the baby's time, it will make the baby too dependent on you, but will "not grow up".

2. Cultivate your baby's concentration and avoid so-called interruptions

Children's concentration is disordered and easily destroyed by the surrounding environment. When the babies are having fun, parents will disturb their original thinking trajectory. Scientific data shows that the focus time that a 2-year-old child can maintain is 4-10 minutes, a 3-year-old child is 6-10 minutes, and a 4-year-old child is 8-10 minutes. The child's time of concentration is very precious, and if an adult is interrupted one at a time, he will also feel tired and mentally depressed.

If you want to cultivate your baby’s concentration, then we must try to avoid those so-called interruptions. For example, when children are serious about building blocks, don’t think they should pass water when they are thirsty; or when playing games, Arrange other fun toys to attract their attention. These are not conducive to the development of baby's concentration.

3. "Blank" does not completely prohibit parents from participating in the baby's daily life

"Leave blanks" for the babies can allow parents to observe the baby's behavior, specialties, and personality outside the game, and can better understand the baby, but participating in it will cause interference from the "authority fans". But it is not acceptable to ignore the baby completely.

Although babies may kill time by being in a daze and other "useless work", when their knowledge and understanding of things are not enough, there is a time gap left. At this time, they need the help of moms and dads, so that children should not be involved in these things Waste time on things. Only with proper guidance from parents can babies learn and master new things better.

Each child is an independent individual with a distinct personality. They understand themselves, recognize the world, cultivate their individuality, and exercise the ability to think independently while getting along with themselves. Parents treat their children as treasures, and if they leave a private space for their babies, it is not only a respect for them, but also a way for parents to get to know them better.

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