Many of the children’s psychological problems stem from the way their parents raise their children before the age of 12

Many of the children’s psychological problems stem from the way their parents raise their children before the age of 12

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

I often hear or see reports from news channels that break the hearts of my parents and make them painful: just because the mother scolded his son online, the 12-year-old son committed suicide.

Just because the teacher criticized a few words, girls with excellent academic performance actually jumped off the building.

Children who have written a lot of online diaries because of online games are afraid of being scolded by their fathers and jump off the building. These parents may not know that their children's behavior is closely related to their education methods.

Just like doctors looking at painful patients, many patients can only lament their own misfortune and encounter this disease... In fact, most diseases are closely related to the patient's own lifestyle.

Despite genetic problems, despite environmental problems, an intellectual lifestyle is the most important factor, as are children's psychological problems.

Generally speaking, children with behavioral or psychological problems such as playing truant, lying, Internet addiction, contradicting their parents, running away from home, suicide at every turn, fighting injuries, participating in robbery, and other "onset periods" are usually around 12 to 18 Before and after.

However, the behavioral problems and related psychological problems in this age group all originated before the age of 12. And it stems from the way parents raise their children.

Have you thought about the following questions before becoming a parent:

01. Do you have enough time to accompany your child to grow up?

If you need to earn money urgently, if your career is too important, if you don’t have time to nurture yourself, then you are definitely not suitable for having children for the time being, otherwise, it is very likely that your children will become strangers when your career grows...

02. Do you have enough patience to accompany your children?

If you are a person who only needs others to care about you but not others; if you are impatient with life's trivial matters and are extremely reluctant to do such things, you should consider whether you want to be a father or a mother in the short term.

03. Do you know the basic stages of a child's psychological development, and what do you need to do at each stage to complete the "mental upbringing" of him?

Which content of psychological care comes first, and which follows? What is the basic psychological support, and which is the lifelong psychological support? What if you think your child will grow up naturally and be sensible after he is born? Then you must be disappointed.

Because, in modern society, if you don't educate, television and the Internet will educate him (her). When you find all kinds of "problems" on your child, you are too late to act-there is a critical period of psychological development.

Especially in the age of only child, parents did not have an experimental period. When you finally understand the principles of parenting, you may have missed the best period of education.

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