Parents’ emotional rubbish will flow into the child’s body

Parents’ emotional rubbish will flow into the child’s body

Jun 14, 2021XieYifang

Parents and children are a U-shaped tube, and the physical and emotional garbage of parents and mothers will also flow into the child's body. This is the U-shaped tube law.

What if dad always goes to bed late? You can sit down and discuss it.

We said at the beginning that when the children were young, parents were the pillars, not only the material pillars of life, but also the pillars of everything including the spirit. To be good for children, first of all, parents must do well themselves.

The same is true for physical health, because our body is not only a tangible body, but also an energy body and an information body.

If mom and dad are in bad health, the energy of the child will flow to mom and dad, and finally a balance will be reached. If mom and dad have accumulated a lot of unclean things on their bodies, and they have even become sick, part of these things of mom and dad will also flow to the children.

For example, the severe eczema of many babies is related to the mother's physique, diet, living habits, and complicated thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, mom and dad are very important, we must take care of ourselves. Not as long as the child develops well, he is an irrelevant green leaf, and the photosynthesis of the flower and the leaf is used to provide nutrition. Our parents should be the health pillar of the child's words and deeds.

Many things do not look at this month or this year, but the long-term future. Going to bed early today does not seem to be of obvious help for tomorrow, but what about how to take a good rest for 20 or 30 years?

What kind of person I will become, what kind of state I want my child to be, start from going to bed early today, starting from this humble thing, and other things will gradually improve, and the future will be very different. same.

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