Properly clean and sterilize baby bottles

Properly clean and sterilize baby bottles

Aug 24, 2021XieYifang

If you use a bottle to feed your baby in the first few months, it is very important to carefully clean the bottle after each meal. During this period, your child is particularly vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Thorough cleaning of baby bottles every day can prevent gastrointestinal infections. Therefore, you will learn how to clean the bottle quickly and easily.

There are three steps to cleaning the baby bottle:
Remove milk residue in the bottle
Sterilize the vial
Let the bottle dry well

First of all, the milk bottle, bottle ring and nipple must be free of milk residue. It is best to rinse the bottle with running water immediately after each use. Once the milk dries and settles in the cracks, cleaning becomes more difficult. You don't necessarily have to use detergent to clean it. If you still don't want to have it, you should make sure that the baby bottle is free of soap residue before disinfecting. The vial becomes properly hygienic only after it is sterilized. There are several ways to reliably kill bacteria and pathogens:

Classic: You boil the bottle and teat in a large pot for at least 3 minutes. Not suitable for plastic bottles!
With a steam baby bottle sterilizer, you can reliably remove dangerous bacteria from the bottle with the help of steam. Depending on the device, this process can take 8 to 10 minutes.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Bottles can also be sterilized in a microwave oven. The specially developed microwave steam milk bottle sterilizer makes the operation easier. It is also an ideal choice during the journey.

Finally, it is best to dry baby bottles on a bottle dryer. Multiple bottles can be air-dried on different holders at the same time without condensation.

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