Subverting the century-old breast pump model: micro-vibration breast sucker

Subverting the century-old breast pump model: micro-vibration breast sucker

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

The use of mechanical equipment to extract breast milk can be traced back to the ancient Greek period. However, breast pumps with genuine records and patent certification were not born until the mid-19th century. breast suckers at this stage are very scarce and are classified as medical devices, mainly used to treat inverted nipples, or to assist in feeding newborns who are unable to breastfeed due to their weakness.

A breast pump from the end of the 19th century. A glass breastfeeding pump with a brass pump was used to help women express breast milk.

With the passage of time, more and more maternal and infant companies are pouring into the wave of breast sucker manufacturing. Although breast suckers with different shapes and diversified functions emerge in an endless stream, as measured by the level of modern medical technology, these traditional breast suckers often do not have high-gold professional craftsmanship, and the technical principles applied are still stuck more than 200 years ago. "In the basic breast pumping mode.

Therefore, in the 21st century, there are very few breast pumps that can be called "medical grade".

So, what kind of breast sucker can be defined as a medical-grade breast pump? Recently, a new micro-vibration breast pump that turned out to give the answer. Its appearance not only subverted the century-old breast pumping mode, but also indicated that the breastfeeding pump has entered a new era.

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We know that the working principle of a traditional breast pump is to simply stretch the nipples, first suck out the milk that has accumulated in the front of the lactiferous sinus, and after all the current milk has been sucked, use strong suction to try to suck the back milk. come out. The suction of most traditional breast suckers only acts on the surface of the breast skin. Long-term pulling with large suction can easily cause damage to the areola and nipples, and even cause mastitis.

The breast pump equipped with micro-vibration technology can reach and stimulate the breast deep breasts through 4,500 high-frequency micro-vibrations per minute, accelerating the formation of the milk ejection reflex. Compared with the brute force pumping method of ordinary breast pumps that simply rely on enhanced suction to grab the mother's milk, the micro-vibration breastfeeding pump can help breast-milk mothers to quickly induce milk bursts in a more gentle and natural way.

Mothers are not "milk-making machines". Blindly increasing the suction power in order to achieve a considerable breast-pumping effect will not only easily cause the resistance of breast-feeding mothers to the breast pump, but also have the potential for huge breast diseases. The research and development of micro-seismic breastfeeding technology is based on a more humane design concept, which is embodied as emphasizing, respecting, caring and caring for people, stimulating the arrival of the milk array through a comfortable and natural physiological breast pumping method, and discard The traditional research and development thinking of "large suction breastfeeding pump", while taking good care of mothers' breasts, allows them to realize the process of sucking milk without pain.

At present, there is only one production base in China that can implement the application of this patented technology. The production base has the qualification standards that lead the domestic breastfeeding pump production. After inviting the world's largest consumer product testing, inspection and certification Intertek Group to conduct a comprehensive inspection, it successfully passed the ISO13485: 2016 medical-grade quality management system Certification and US GMP certification.

It is reported that ISO13485 is a quality management system standard for the medical device industry promulgated by the International Standards Organization. The acquisition of this certificate indicates that the breastfeeding pump developed by the production base has been designed, produced and sold in full compliance with the requirements of the ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management system and has reached the corresponding international standards.

Secondly, as one of the most stringent internationally recognized certifications, the US GMP certification is very strict in all aspects of production. It requires each manufacturer to establish and implement an effective quality management system with the active participation of managers and related employees, and Documented. At present, the domestic electric breast pumps that can pass the US GMP certification only account for 1% of the breast sucker categories, such as the Grownsy breast pump and Avent breast pump.

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