Super practical tips on breastfeeding

Super practical tips on breastfeeding

Jun 15, 2021XieYifang

The editor has always advocated "breast milk is the best food for babies", and encourages all qualified mothers to insist on breastfeeding. Did everyone do it?

A while ago, Chou’s wife Kun Ling showed her own refrigerator in a variety show. In addition to frozen cauliflower, facial mask, quick-frozen dumplings, various sauces and sweets, there is another thing that attracts everyone. Attention, that is frozen breast milk! It seems that no matter how glamorous the appearance is, Tian Wang's wife has an extremely life-oriented aspect, and needs to "milk" as hard as every ordinary mother does to make adequate plans for a healthy baby diet.

In fact, Kunling is not the only celebrity mother who insists on breastfeeding. Sun Li, Ma Yili, Cecilia Cheung, Xiao S and many other celebrity moms choose to breastfeed, and they still maintain a superb body! So, in front of the screen, what reason do you have to give up "milking"?

However, although breastfeeding is healthy and easy, there are still many things to pay attention to! From milking to storing milk to warming milk, there are a lot of specialties.

1. About expressing breast milk: "cows" must also know how to be lazy

Expressing breast milk is a must-learn skill for every novice mother. In the first two months after the baby is born, the baby needs almost all of the mother's milk, and the mother will also secrete breast milk according to the baby's needs, so at this time the mother basically does not need to express breast milk. However, sometimes the mother's milk swelling is more serious, and when the breasts become hard, they need to be milked. But how does it work?

·Place the container on a platform with a suitable height. If you bend too low, it may cause back pain.

·Wash your hands, wrap your breasts, thumbs up and four fingers down, gently squeeze the breasts, and repeat the massage around the breasts.

·Gently move your fingers to the areola and massage the breast repeatedly to stimulate milk secretion.

· Move the fingers of one hand toward the areola, press lightly toward the ribs, and then gently squeeze inward in a rhythmic manner. Alternate breasts on both sides.

However, I did not remind everyone that expressing breast milk with bare hands is not easy, otherwise there would be no breast pump. Breast pumps are divided into electric type and manual type. The electric type is well understood. Plug in the power and "buzz" and the breast milk will be squeezed. The only cup is that the price is slightly more expensive. What about the manual type? The price is cheap and you can carry it with you, but you have to work harder! But in general, it is much easier than expressing breast milk with bare hands!

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2. Regarding breast milk storage: "treasures" need to be properly kept
After expressing breast milk, it faces storage problems. It is not easy to express breast milk. Didi is all hard. If something goes wrong during the storage process and the notification of the breast milk that has been expressed so hard is invalidated, how would moms feel? Anyway, the editor even has the desire to die. Therefore, we have to study the small issues that should be paid attention to in breast milk storage!

·The storage time of breast milk

Colostrum: 27-32℃ can be stored for 12 hours

Mature breast milk: can be stored at 15°C for 24 hours, at 19-22°C for 10 hours, and at 25°C for 6 hours at room temperature.

However, the editor advises mothers not to be so careless, and it is safer to put the expressed breast milk in the refrigerator as soon as possible. In the refrigerator freezer at 0-4℃, breast milk can be stored for about 8 days, it is best not to keep it for too long.

·Tips for breast milk storage

Keep a little space for the breast milk container, don't fill it too full or cover the child tightly, to prevent the container from freezing and freezing and bursting. Breast milk expressed at different times is best placed in different containers, labelled with the date and time, and defrosted for the baby in order.

It is worth mentioning that the milk storage products currently on the market are divided into two types: milk storage bags and milk storage bottles. The milk storage bottle has good airtightness and is not easy to cause deterioration, but it must be cleaned and disinfected after each use to avoid contamination. The milk storage bag is a disposable product, which is convenient and hygienic to use, but the sealability may be relatively poor, and it is more suitable for temporary storage.

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