The bottle warmer is an artifact that liberates parents' hands

The bottle warmer is an artifact that liberates parents' hands

May 28, 2021XieYifang

For novice parents, making milk powder for a baby is a "technical job". The choice of milk bottles, milk powder, and water temperature for making milk are all very particular. But nowadays there are many artifacts in the mother and baby market that liberate the hands of parents. Today, the editor who is also Baoma will give everyone a milk warmer-a milk warmer (baby bottle Warmer)! With this magic, parents only need to put the milk bottle in the heater, press the button to wait for the milk bottle to heat up quickly, and most milk heaters can freely control the temperature. In addition to heating bottles, many milk warmers can also heat breast milk, heat baby food, sterilize pacifiers, and so on.

Grownsy Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

1. The role and function of the bottle warmer

The milk warmer is also called the milk warmer or the milk warmer. The main purposes are summarized as follows:

Heat the fresh milk from the refrigerator

Some babies drink milk intermittently, then put the milk back into the warmer to keep it warm

Baby needs to drink milk in the middle of the night, you can take out the (cold) boiling water in the thermos bottle for 10 seconds to prepare the milk

Complementary food is easy to be cold in winter, use the detachable milk warming pad to warm up while feeding

You can also put (cold) boiling water in the milk bottle, and then put the milk bottle into the milk warmer to directly heat and keep the milk bottle warm and use it as a milk regulator.

2. Is it necessary to buy a bottle warmer?

If you often have the following situations, an easy-to-use breast warmer is a necessary artifact to liberate your hands!

Breastfeeding requires storing breast milk in the refrigerator

Baby needs to keep warm when drinking milk intermittently

Babies often need food supplement heating

Maybe some mothers will find it too tasteless and useless. But in the eyes of the editor who is also a Baoma and has used the breast warmer for a long time, the breast warmer is definitely a weapon to liberate himself. Because whether it is heating breast milk or brewing milk powder, you need to control the temperature. If the temperature is too high, the nutritional content of the milk will be compromised. If the temperature is too low, the child will feel uncomfortable drinking. When encountering freshly boiled water, the baby is hungry and screaming, but has to wait for the temperature of the water to cool down, is it very frustrated? If you have a breast warmer at home, all these problems can be solved!

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