The correct feeding knowledge makes the baby's body great

The correct feeding knowledge makes the baby's body great

Oct 04, 2021XieYifang

The growth of babies is inseparable from a variety of foods. If you want to keep them healthy and good, you need to learn the correct feeding knowledge. From birth, every bite of food the baby eats is exquisite. The correct feeding knowledge not only includes information on the content of the diet, but also includes the baby's good eating habits. If you want to make your child grow up healthier, get less sick, and improve the body's immunity, then you really have to read this article seriously. The feeding knowledge introduced here can be shared with more novice parents.

1. Feeding method during infancy

From birth to 6 months ago, babies at this stage need breast milk or milk powder feeding. Newborn babies have no well-developed stomach and intestines, so they can only eat these foods. It should be noted that if the baby is found to have diarrhea or eczema after artificial feeding, it is necessary to consider whether the selected milk powder is not suitable for the baby, and it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the baby's absorption of food. If breastfeeding, it is recommended to extend to the end of 2 years old.


2. Feeding methods over 6 months

Babies can start adding complementary foods when they are over 6 months old. You can add some puree-like foods, such as fruit puree, rice noodles, to make it easier for them to absorb. After the baby has teeth, you can give them some strips or lumps of food to exercise their grasping ability. You can also use these foods to grind their teeth to solve their discomfort during the teething period. It should be noted that do not allow your baby to eat food alone, but must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Reasonable diet

The food provided to the baby should be varied, not too delicate, but also a combination of meat and vegetables, and the proportion of fruits and vegetables should not be low. Babies nowadays always like to eat big fish and meat, which not only causes obesity, but also lacks various vitamins, which will affect their health. Parents can try to change the shape of the food to attract the baby and make him more interested in eating. A reasonable diet is the basic requirement of good health.

4. Good dining habits

The scientific knowledge of feeding, fortunately, includes allowing the baby to have good eating habits and eliminating the bad habit of chasing after feeding. Cultivate the baby's ability to eat on their own, so that they can taste food and experience the fun of eating. Let the baby develop good eating habits since childhood, so that the child will not become a "problem student" because of eating problems in school in the future, and parents are also willing to see a baby who eats well by themselves.

Feeding knowledge also includes many aspects, parents should continue to learn good feeding knowledge. When feeding the baby, we must follow the scientific feeding method, so that the baby can eat healthier and eat less snacks and unhealthy food. Be responsible for every bite your baby eats, especially children whose stomach is weak, and should not eat at will.

If you want to make your child healthier, you should also learn more about how to make complementary foods so that your children will fall in love with eating. You will find that eating is always full of quarrels and can be resolved more happily. To feed a healthy baby, parents really need to spend more time looking for healthy and fresh ingredients and make them into delicious food to provide children with more comprehensive nutrition. Every parent can turn into an excellent "chef".

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