The main reason for children's spring cough

The main reason for children's spring cough

Jun 17, 2021XieYifang

In spring, the human respiratory tract is relatively fragile, children's immunity is not as good as that of adults, and germs are more likely to invade, causing upper respiratory tract infections and coughing symptoms.

In severe cases, bronchitis can also occur. At this time, the symptoms will increase and become chronic cough and sputum. In severe cases, breathing difficulties may occur.

Like the big temperature difference between morning and evening, when taking the child out in the morning, suddenly from a warm indoor to a cooler outdoor, suddenly stimulated by the cold air, the child's respiratory tract will not adapt, causing a cough.

Everything grows in spring, pollen and dust in the air can easily cause irritation and cough.

Especially moms and dads like to take their children to the park. There are many flowers and plants. Children who are allergic to pollen should not play under the trees or near the flowers.

How to prevent spring cough

1. It is not suitable for children to eat fried, spicy food and seafood, these foods will cause throat discomfort.

2. The smoke environment will stimulate the child's respiratory tract, cause excessive mucus secretion, cause the tube wall to shrink, and aggravate the cough symptoms. So stay away from oil fume, second-hand smoke, and air pollution.

3. Try to keep the surrounding air fresh and open windows frequently for ventilation. When someone at home has a cold, bath essence + vinegar fumigation can be used indoors to prevent virus infection.

4. Ensure reasonable humidity and temperature, and provide children with a comfortable indoor environment. The air humidity is best maintained between 45%-75%, and the temperature is between 18℃-25℃.

5. Strengthen exercise, do more outdoor activities, ensure sleep, and enhance the child's immunity.

6. Take less children to crowded public places to reduce the chance of infection.

7. For children with dust allergies and spring pollen allergies, parents should take protective measures in time, such as wearing masks for their children and reducing going out.

8. When the climate changes, increase or decrease clothing in time to prevent over-cooling or over-heating.

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