What are the good ways to warm baby milk?

What are the good ways to warm baby milk?

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Whether it's breastfeeding or formula feeding, when the baby is hungry and wants to drink milk, it's not tolerable for parents to slow down! When the baby uses the bottle to drink milk, the temperature of the milk needs to be controlled at about 37 degrees Celsius, so how to quickly adjust the milk to the right temperature?

The conventional method of warming milk

Just throw the bottle filled with milk into the hot water for a few minutes.

However, the method of warming milk with hot water has a big flaw:

Unable to control the temperature of milk!

If the temperature is too high, it will scald the baby, and if it is low, it will easily cause the baby's gastrointestinal problems!

Is there any way to warm milk that can accurately control the temperature?

Of course there is!

Parenting small artifact: The milk warmer has appeared in response to the call of the times!

What are the convenient functions of the bottle warmer

There are more and more functions of the bottle warmer. Today, we will mainly introduce the 5 common functions of the bottle warmer.

baby bottle warmers

1. Warm milk

Many mothers will be "back-feeding mothers" because of work reasons. When the baby is hungry and wants to drink milk, they can directly put the breast milk stored in advance into the breast warmer and heat it to a temperature acceptable to the baby.

2. Warm milk

Some babies drink breast intermittently, at this time, you can also put the bottle back into the warmer to keep warm (note: the remaining milk should be consumed as soon as possible, and the milk powder prepared for more than 1 hour is not recommended to eat again).

3. Warm water

The milk warmer can keep the water at 40-50°C. For babies fed with milk powder, when the baby wants to drink milk, directly pour the milk powder into the prepared milk bottle and shake it.

When the baby wants to drink water, he can also directly pick up the bottle to drink.

What we prepared for our little baby is a double-bottle-type bottle warmer, one bottle for drinking milk and one bottle for drinking water.

4. Heating food supplement

Babies start to try complementary foods after 6 months. You can also use the water-proof heating function of the bottle warmer to heat your baby’s rice cereal or juice.

5. Disinfection

When choosing a milk warmer with a temperature control range of 40℃~100℃, low temperature can be used to warm breast, warm milk, medium temperature can be used to heat rice cereal, high temperature can be used to sterilize small items such as pacifiers, daily use of the bottle warmer Direct disinfection, and occasionally use a pot to boil water for disinfection.

Precautions for the use of bottle warmers

1. Generally, water is used as the heat transfer medium. Food, drinks, etc. should not be poured directly, and they need to be cleaned frequently.

2. The temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the weather conditions to ensure the baby's taste when drinking milk/water.

3. Milk powder-fed babies can prepare warm water at any time. When the baby wants to eat, just pour the powdered breast and shake it well (it is recommended not to eat it if the storage time exceeds 1 hour).

4. Do not rinse or soak directly with water, you can wipe it with a semi-damp towel.

5. If scale appears in the container, the accuracy of the temperature will decrease. You can use vinegar to soak and wash. If the scale is very thick, you can repeat it several times to ensure that the scale is removed.

6. The bottle warmer is a small electrical appliance, so it should be avoided where the baby can touch it.

7. Please unplug the plug when not in use.

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