What kind of baby bottle sterilizer is better

What kind of baby bottle sterilizer is better

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Baby bottle sterilizer is an appliance specially used to sterilize baby bottles. This type of appliance is also called a baby bottle sterilizer or a baby bottle sanitizer. Its disinfection methods have developed from traditional boiling disinfection to steam disinfection, microwave disinfection and so on. After the baby's feeding tools are cleaned, there will be more or less residual food, and if these residues are not processed, bacteria will be produced. Reuse will have an adverse effect on the baby's intestines and even cause diarrhea. The above-mentioned problems can be solved easily by using a sterilizer. Other sterilizers also have a drying function and other functions, which are convenient and hygienic to use.

Boiled baby bottle sterilizer

There is a traditional boiling method for disinfection. The principle is to boil water to 100°C and sterilize the baby bottle through high temperature. This disinfection method is suitable for disinfecting utensils with high temperature resistance above 120℃. The pot body is made of stainless steel, and it is equipped with a baby bottle storage basket that can hold about 6 baby bottles.

Steam baby bottle sterilizer

Using 100℃ high-temperature steam to sterilize baby bottles and small accessories is currently the most widely used, most thorough and effective method for disinfection. This method is adopted in the national tableware disinfection standard. The disinfection standard for medical equipment is based on the tableware disinfection standard. Increase the pressure and temperature of the disinfection environment. This type of sterilizer does not have harsh requirements on the structure and light transmittance of the sterilizer, and it is suitable for sterilizing children's milk bottles and tableware.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Sterilizer for drying baby bottles

The milk bottle sterilized by steam sterilization will have a lot of water droplets attached to the wall of the milk bottle. The humid environment can easily cause bacteria to multiply. In order to improve the cleaning time of the milk bottle, this kind of product adds a drying function to the ordinary steam milk bottle sterilizer. , Which is often referred to as a drying bottle sanitizer.

The best effect of microwave milk bottle sterilizer is the ultraviolet sterilizer:

Ultraviolet disinfection cabinet is the most popular disinfection method nowadays. Bier's UV disinfection cabinet breaks the traditional disinfection method. It no longer uses boiling water to disinfect the baby bottle. It uses UV disinfection. The sterilization rate is 100%, which is better than the traditional disinfection effect. The appearance is very fashionable and noble. It is also very refreshing when placed at home. Good helper!

What is the best way to descale the baby bottle sterilizer?

What are the advantages of the bottle sterilizer?

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