What should I do if a 2-year-old child does not eat anorexia?

What should I do if a 2-year-old child does not eat anorexia?

Sep 13, 2021XieYifang

A 2-year-old child has been refusing to eat. When there is a picky eating symptom, parents try a variety of methods, but they still cannot change the child's picky eating problem. What should a 2-year-old child do if he does not eat anorexia? When the baby's picky eating problem is serious, parents want to use medicine to solve it. What kind of medicine is good for a 2-year-old baby with serious anorexia?

When a 2-year-old child does not eat or is anorexia, parents should determine whether the child has an anorexia problem due to an illness. If it is an illness, it should be treated promptly. When a child is severely anorexia, the doctor decides which medicine to take. Parents should not give the baby medicine randomly, otherwise the problem of anorexia will not be solved, and it will easily add side effects to the baby's body.

Children's non-eating is related to daily life habits. For example, some parents do not control the amount of snacks their children eat. The children eat a lot of snacks before eating. When they arrive at the meal, they are not hungry at all. How can they be able to eat? Some parents have not cultivated good eating habits for their children, eating meals are not fixed on the table, watching TV while eating, etc., all agree to cause the child to have anorexia problems.

When seeing a child experiencing anorexia habit, parents can temporarily have a meal or extend the meal, and only arrange a meal when the child is very hungry. The daily food preparation is as light as possible, nutritious and easy to digest. Properly take your baby to exercise. If your baby is more physically active, it will be easier to digest, and it will be easier to absorb and digest food.

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