Who should use a breast pump?

Who should use a breast pump?

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

A breast pump is a tool that can squeeze the breast milk accumulated in the breast, so who is suitable for daily life? Next, Mawangbaike will tell everyone who needs a breast pump.

1. Mothers who want to breastfeed but need to work hard, such as office workers such as white-collar workers.

2. When mommy's breasts are full, or when the nipples are blocked, breast milk is not smooth, silted, and painful, the Aideli breast pump will absorb and collect the milk, store it and keep it fresh, and empty the breast. Prevent milk stasis, swelling, pain, induration, prevent breast diseases such as mastitis, abscess, breast hyperplasia, and promote more milk secretion.

3. If the baby can't completely suck up the milk each time, the Aideli breast pump can suck up the remaining milk and avoid milk stasis.

4. For those with short nipples or inverted nipples, when using the Aideli breast pump, massage the nipples and areola with negative pressure to achieve a comfortable effect and stretch the inverted nipples outward.

5. Caesarean section, when postoperatively because of weakness and physical inconvenience, breastfeeding is not possible.

6. Premature infants and low birth weight infants or infants with congenital diseases such as cleft lip and palate, who are unable to suck and have difficulty in breastfeeding.

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7. Frequent breast pumping with a breast pump can stimulate the nipples, which is beneficial to reflexively promote the secretion of more prolactin in the lactation system, improve lactation function, increase lactation, and play a certain role in assisting lactation. It is suitable for women with less milk.

8. When the mother is out temporarily, the family can heat the stored breast milk to feed the baby to ensure that breastfeeding is convenient.

9. When the child is 3 to 4 months old, nipple biting often occurs when breast milk is sucked. When the mother's nipple is bitten, it is painful and uncomfortable. In severe cases, the bite may cause inflammation and nipple bleeding. In order to avoid being bitten by the child, you can use the Aideli breast pump to suck milk before feeding the child.

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