2021 Red Dot Award Baby Products

Babies are the focus of attention of young parents-it makes daily life busy. Philips sterilizers and dryers provide a reliable solution because it can handle many different baby bottles and other baby accessories that need to be cleaned, disinfected and dried for daily use. Baby bottle sterilizers and dryers are tailor-made for the lifestyle of modern families, as a useful tool to integrate into daily life, and easily reduce the necessary and repetitive housework for parents.

The Grownsy bottle warmer is equipped with a simple knob to ensure rapid heating of the baby bottle. The luminous ring clearly indicates the status and the moment when the individual set temperature is reached. The timeless white design and the use of high-quality materials are further features of the product.

breast milk warmer

The silicone breast pump has a round shape and can be placed and worn under the bra for hands-free use. The soft silicone material naturally adapts to the shape of the breast. The suction rhythm is controlled by a simple valve. The elegant appearance is characterized by the combination of a smooth body and the matt surface of the observation window.

Breast milk collection cups can help women feel confident when breastfeeding, even when they are out. These cups can collect about 30 ml of milk. The anti-slip device can be worn carefully under the bra like a cushion, and because of the soft material, it feels good to fit the skin. The wide sides make it easier to remove the mat and transfer the milk.

The flexible system of the baby carrier wrap CONNECT PLUS meets the needs of parents with an active lifestyle. Thanks to the 3-layer system, it can be used in any weather and can be easily adjusted with an ergonomic strap. In order to have direct skin contact with the baby, the harness is provided with an opening. Four different carrying positions and removable shoulder pads provide further comfort.