90% of Japanese babies use snot suction

Do moms all know? Nasal mucus is a natural enemy of babies. Young babies will not blow their noses by themselves and cause nasal congestion. If the mucus is not sucked out and the nose is not ventilated, the baby will not be able to eat milk, and the nose and ears are connected, and the mucus will flow into the ears and cause severe middle ears. ! This nasal aspirator is developed by an othinologist. It is scientifically designed and gently sucked with the mouth. The nasal mucus in the deepest part of the baby’s nose will not be swept away. It can be done in one second, and the baby will not be painful at all. Will hurt your baby’s eardrums. When taking a baby in Japan, 90% use a Baby Nasal Aspirator!

infant nose suction machine

If the nasal mucus is not cleaned up in time, it will be difficult for the child to breathe smoothly, cry easily, and even affect the drinking of milk. From this point of view, a child’s nose is more uncomfortable than an adult, and the child’s nasal cavity is filled with booger for a long time, and the nose is irritated as a result, which can also cause other diseases. Therefore, parents need to use a nasal aspirator to help their children remove the secretions in the nasal cavity, to ensure that the nose is unblocked, so as not to affect the child's milk and sleep.

According to medical research data, many children catch colds several times a year. Among them, infants and pre-school children have a high prevalence rate, so nasal inhalers are a necessity for parents.