Baby Sign Language Learning Steps

The first step: treat each gesture as a language.

To be more specific, that is, parents divide a set of gestures into several parts, and it is recommended to start with the part that is most interesting to the baby. One thing to be clear is that no matter which gestures parents start to teach their babies, they must persevere and let the babies practice constantly. At the same time, let the family members talk through sign language at all times, just like everyone usually talks. .

Step 2: Give your baby some opportunities to use sign language.

For example, if the first sign language that a parent teaches a baby is "dog", then don't just do this gesture when you see the dog of the shopkeeper downstairs, but take the initiative to look for opportunities to get acquainted. For example, parents can take their babies to watch dogs, or look for them from animal books and picture albums. In short, every place where babies can recognize dogs, such as televisions, toy stores, pet shops, etc. In this way, the baby can clearly understand that the gesture of "dog" does not only represent the dog of the shopkeeper downstairs. Perhaps one day, your baby will find his beloved dog, of course, it may be a toy or dog picture, and then happily sign language to communicate with you all things about the dog.


How to teach baby sign language?

1. Explain while teaching

When the mother teaches the baby to learn, it is best to be able to give the baby a simple explanation while making gestures. And in the process of teaching the baby, smile and talk to the baby, and look into the baby's eyes with gentleness. Maybe the baby doesn't know what you are doing at first, but after watching it for a long time, he will try to do this action with you, and slowly understand the meaning of sign language.

2. Keep repeating

After the mother teaches the baby sign language, she needs to use it frequently. Only in this way will the baby have a deep impression. Therefore, it is best for mothers to do some sign language movements at the same time in daily speech. When the baby can master several sign languages ​​that are frequently used frequently, the process of teaching the baby will be easier for mothers. Therefore, mothers must teach slowly and patiently when they first teach their babies.

3. Compliment the baby

After the baby can do the first sign language gesture, the mother should hug the baby and praise him happily, so that the baby can continue to learn more interested. Maybe the baby’s gestures are a little different from what you taught him. Parents should also encourage the baby more, knowing that the baby’s hands cannot be as flexible as our adults at this time.

4. Family Mobilization

Create an environment for your baby to learn sign language and mobilize the whole family to learn together. When the baby can communicate with other people in sign language, the baby will become more confident and willing to learn more actively. In addition, studying with the whole family is very helpful to build a more harmonious and happy parent-child relationship.

5. Don't give up easily

Maybe when the mother first started teaching the baby, the baby may not want to learn, or the baby's learning speed is relatively slow. At this time, the mother must work hard to persevere, and not give up when encountering some minor difficulties. Learning sign language also requires running-in, and only perseverance will see the effect.

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