Can babies drink high-calcium milk?

High-calcium milk is milk that contains more calcium than ordinary milk. The reason why high-calcium milk is "high-calcium" is that it is artificially added with calcium, so the calcium content is higher than ordinary milk, and its raw material is still ordinary milk, so the professional name of high-calcium milk is "calcium-fortified milk" . Here, fortification means to add some elements in a certain food, or add some ingredients to make up for its own nutritional deficiencies. This kind of food that enhances the original nutritional value is called nutritionally fortified food. Such foods are not uncommon in our lives. Nutritional fortified foods such as iodized salt and iron-fortified soy sauce have been integrated into our lives. The high-calcium milk is a product that fortifies the calcium elements in ordinary milk, and it is milk that is supplemented with calcium.

Does drinking high-calcium milk help to grow taller?

· The importance of calcium

As we all know, calcium has an important effect on the development and strength of bones, and it is the key to growth for children. It affects the growth and development of children. If enough calcium is absorbed, children will grow taller and healthy. More healthy. Therefore, most people, especially children, pay special attention to calcium supplementation in their daily diet, so when choosing milk, high-calcium milk has become the first choice for most people.

· The calcium content of high calcium milk

But in fact, high-calcium milk does not have much effect on the child's height development. Even ordinary milk that has not been fortified contains a lot of calcium. The strength of fortifying calcium is also limited. One hundred grams of ordinary milk has a calcium content of 110mg or more, and the higher one is 130mg. The calcium content of fortified high-calcium milk is generally 130-150mg. This data shows that the calcium content is high. The calcium content of calcium milk is 15%-20% higher than that of ordinary milk, which is not a very big difference. Therefore, there is no need to specifically choose high-calcium milk when purchasing milk.

Can babies drink high-calcium milk?

Although high-calcium milk is a good calcium supplement, it is actually not suitable for babies to drink. Parents now attach great importance to the problem of supplementing calcium to their children, but some calcium supplements are not appropriate. High-calcium milk does not have the effect of supplementing calcium for young babies, and it may even be counterproductive. The reasons are as follows:

1. The baby cannot fully absorb the calcium nutrition in the high-calcium milk;

2. The content of calcium and phosphorus in high-calcium milk is higher, which will reduce the absorption rate of calcium. The calcium that is ingested but not absorbed is excreted through the kidneys, causing a certain amount of pressure on the kidneys, and it becomes more serious. May cause hypercalciuria.

3. If the child absorbs too much calcium, relatively, the absorption of zinc will be reduced. If zinc deficiency is caused, it will cause health problems such as loss of appetite and reduced immunity, and even seriously affect the growth and development of the child.

In general, although all kinds of artificially processed and fortified milk are more and more popular, parents should not forget that natural milk itself has high nutritional value, and the nutritional balance is very balanced, and everyone changes its nutritional system. Your behavior may affect its balance more or less, so choose carefully.

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