Can children eat oil and salt?

After the child is one year old, many complementary foods can be eaten. But many mothers don’t know if they can add salt and oil when making supplementary food for them. I'm afraid that putting salt and oil too early will affect their gastrointestinal health, but I'm afraid of lack of nutrition in the body, so let's take a look at whether children can eat oil and salt?

After a child is one year old, oil and salt can be properly consumed, but mothers must remember to control the amount of salt to avoid affecting the child's physical development. Children after one year old, the food they eat is basically similar to that of adults. When making noodles, vegetables or meat, a small amount can be added to increase the child’s taste. Appropriate consumption of oil and salt can also exercise the body, which is helpful. For gastrointestinal health.

Foods for children must be less salt and oily, and taste as light as possible. If the salt is too heavy at this time, it will affect their taste, and too salty food will also cause the child to cough. Children's food should also be diversified. At this time, their gastrointestinal functions are well developed. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and cereals must be cooked for them in a modified way.

Because the child is in the growth and development stage, the diet should be nutritionally balanced, and usually drink more water for the child. When taking care of the children, Bao Ma must always pay attention to the situation of the children, and at the same time ensure enough sleep so that they can grow up healthy.

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