Can infants and young children use mosquito repellent toilet water?

The mosquito repellent toilet water of famous brands such as Liushen and Pechoin is marked with the official registration certificate number of pesticides. The insect repellent pesticide contained in Liushen is mosquito repellent. quantity)". Can infants and young children use mosquito repellent toilet water? Let's take a look at the editor of Baibai Safety Net.

Why is toilet water labeled "pesticide"

DEET and mosquito repellent, these two ingredients are very common in mosquito repellent toilet water. What are they?

Experts explain that DEET and mosquito repellent are both sanitary insecticides, such as toilet water and mosquito coils. Ester insecticides are the least toxic among insecticides, and the content of pyrethroid in toilet water is also very small. The principle of mosquito repellent toilet water is to repel mosquitoes through the release of ester drugs such as vaporizers to avoid mosquito harassment. Directly poison the mosquitoes to death, "Mosquitoes are not poisonous, how powerful is this poison?"

However, many netizens are very worried about the "formal pesticide registration certificate number" of the mosquito repellent toilet water bottle standard.

It is understood that if pesticides are registered, it does not mean that they must contain pesticides. This has to start from the national regulations. At the earliest, pesticides were used for agricultural insecticides. The production of pesticides was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and enterprises could only produce after approval and registration. Later, pesticides for sanitary use also followed this regulation and required Go to the Ministry of Agriculture for approval, and the approved name is also "pesticide". Compared with agricultural pesticides, sanitary pesticides are much less toxic.

Infants and young children try not to use toilet water

In mosquito repellent toilet water, it is generally marked with damaged skin and pregnant women should use it with caution. Why can't pregnant women use it?

Under normal circumstances, some toilet waters will be tested with animals before delivery to see if there is any harm. According to the regulations, it is not harmful to normal people and may cause harm to some pregnant women, infants and young children. Therefore, pregnant women and infants are recommended Generally, mosquito repellent toilet water is not used. In addition, it is more difficult to use mosquito repellent toilet water after the skin is damaged.