Can the fruit juicer make soy milk?

Nowadays, there are many electrical products in life, and the juicer is one of the more popular products. The juicer is a small household appliance that can be used to squeeze various juices. Soy milk is a drink that many people drink every day, so can the fruit juicer make soy milk, and can the juicer make soy milk?

The fruit juicer can make soy milk. However, because the blades of the fruit juicer are designed according to the hardness of the fruit, and the hardness of the soybeans is relatively hard, so if you want to use a fruit juicer to make soy milk, you need to soak the soybeans completely and then use the fruit juicer to polish. . Beans need to expand and become soft, otherwise it will easily damage the juicer and reduce the service life of the juicer. It is recommended that you start soaking the soybeans the night before, and filter the bean dregs after grinding.

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The fruit juicer does not have a heating function. The polished soy milk needs to be boiled in a pot for drinking, and soy milk that is not boiled cannot be drunk directly. Raw soy milk contains a lot of harmful substances, and it is more likely to be poisoned after drinking, and there may be diarrhea. Although it is advisable to use a fruit juicer to squeeze soy milk, it is not recommended for long-term use, and the procedure used is more cumbersome. It is recommended that you still use a soy milk machine to grind soy milk. After all, it is a professional machine, which will not damage the service life, and some soymilk polished by the soymilk machine has a heating function and can be drunk directly without being converted to a pot and boiled.

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