Causes of poor immunity in children

We all know that parents are most afraid of their children getting sick from colds. As long as their children are sick for a long time, every family is very anxious to look forward to their children’s recovery. Many parents will take their children to the hospital for treatment, injections, intravenous drip, and medicine. After a series of treatment measures, the child’s condition has indeed been relieved a lot, but the child’s immunity has also been destroyed. Gradually, parents will find that their children love colds more and more. In fact, the reason for poor immunity has a lot to do with the wrong parenting methods of parents.

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First of all, children with congenital diseases will naturally have lower immunity than ordinary babies, such as congenital heart disease, immunodeficiency diseases, or some problems of dysplasia when they are in the mother.

The second is the lack of nutrient elements and improper use of drugs, which can also seriously impair the child's immunity. The child’s body lacks calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins, and any other nutritional elements, so that the child’s body nutrition is not balanced and it is very easy to cause a decline in resistance, which seriously affects the development of the child’s immune system. Regarding improper use of drugs, the most common is the abuse of antibiotics and hormones. Many parents don’t know about antibiotics. Even if they are sick, they don’t need this kind of antibiotic treatment, they will take them privately, and they will change different antibiotics every time. If this happens for a long time, the child’s body will become resistant. Upset the balance of the human body system. The abuse of hormonal drugs stems from the fact that many parents see that the use of hormonal drugs can be cured quickly, and it is a very irresponsible behavior not to listen to dissuasion and to use them privately for their babies.

Finally, there are still many parents who do not take enough medication after their children fall ill, and when they see that their children's condition has eased, they arbitrarily stop the drugs. Although the bacteria have been hidden at this time, as long as they are mildly stimulated, the disease will quickly come back to life.

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