Children with a cold: suck up secretions properly

Respiratory infections in infants and young children are usually caused by viruses. But even if there is no infection, slight swelling of the mucous membrane can cause breathing problems due to the anatomical condition of the child's body. In addition, even a small amount of normal, clear nasal secretions can interfere with breathing. A nasal aspirator can help.

Children first learn to blow their noses correctly when they are three to four years old. Pulling the nose is allowed, but it is almost impossible to teach the baby. Many of the drug treatment options common in older children or adults are impossible for infants or even newborns. So how did the nose become clear? In order to remove liquid secretions, a nasal aspirator is an option. "Classic" is a manual nasal aspirator with rubber balls and suction components (eg Avent®, Dentinox®, Nuk®). The correct application cannot be taken for granted; it is best to point out that the rubber ball must be fully compressed before use so that the secretions are not "blown" into the nose instead of being sucked away. Close the free nostrils with your fingers to create negative pressure in the nasal cavity. However, success is usually very limited.

Baby Nose Cleaner

A mouth-acting nasal aspirator using a hose with a nozzle instead of a rubber ball (such as NoseFrida®) may be more effective. The negative pressure can be established individually and variably by the suction nozzle. The next variant is a battery- or power-operated electric suction device (such as Sumgott®, Nosiboo®, available in light blue and light pink). Finally, it is also possible to connect a special kit to a household vacuum cleaner (eg Angel-Vac®, Medinaris®). The success of all these operations varies from person to person, and to a large extent depends on the child's acceptance, such as B. Whether thick or pointed nasal attachments can be slightly inserted into the nostrils. It should be enough if it is located at the entrance of the nostril. For all suction cup variants, it should be noted that the components must be cleaned carefully!

In fact, this is a very unhygienic and unacceptable nasal aspirator. The electric nasal aspirator is more convenient and hygienic, and the baby will be very comfortable!