Cognitive status of 4-month baby's development

Vision: At this time, he may have been able to track any object moving in the half-circle field of view in front of him; at the same time, eye coordination can also deepen his field of vision when tracking objects close to and away from him. The sight is flexible and can be transferred from one object to another; the head-eye coordination is good, the two eyes move with the object from side to side, move 180 degrees, can follow the object, such as a small ball falling from the hand On the ground, he would use his eyes to find.

Listening and pronunciation: Children in this period have made rapid progress in language development and emotional communication. When happy, he laughs loudly, and the laughter is crisp and sweet. When someone talks to him, he will make a gurgling sound, as if talking to you. If you are interested in your own voice, you can utter some single syllables and repeat them over and over. Can make a high-pitched shout or make a nice sound. The tone of babbling becomes longer.

Emotional and social development: A child will not be very friendly to everyone. Naturally, he likes his parents the most. By the fourth month, he will like other children. If he has older brothers and sisters, you will see him very happy when they talk to him. If he heard the voice of children in the street or on the TV, he would also turn his head to look for it. As the child grows up, his love for children will increase. In contrast, he would only glance or smile curiously at strangers. It can be seen that he has begun to distinguish the people in his life. There is no doubt that he is very attached to the people closest to him. He may have learned to dance with his hands and other gestures to express a happy mood; beginning to show fear or unpleasant emotions. Lying on the bed and playing by himself, suddenly, the baby's movements stopped and his eyes stopped looking around, but only stared at one place, and after a while, he returned to normal. What the baby wants to express is that I am talking happily and laughing, but I suddenly remembered something when I was playing. I was stunned and thought about it for a while, but I didn’t know it clearly, so let’s play. Hold the baby and sit opposite the mirror, let the baby face the mirror, and then tap the glass to attract the baby's attention to his image in the mirror. He can clearly look at his figure, smile at himself in the mirror and "talk" to him.

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