Do babies need a bottle sterilizer?

Some people think it is necessary to buy a baby bottle sterilizer, but some people think that they can be very good at home. To sterilize the baby bottle, there is no need to buy it, so do babies need a bottle sterilizer?

According to personal needs to buy. There are thousands of baby products on the market, but not everything is available to babies. However, the baby bottle is indeed a necessary utensil for the baby, and it must be disinfected frequently, so some mothers also consider buying a baby bottle sterilizer. Specialized baby bottle sterilizers can help sterilize baby bottles, so Baoma deserves to have a baby bottle sterilizer.

In fact, there are many ways to sterilize baby bottles, and it is possible to not use a baby bottle sterilizer. The more commonly used method is boiling sterilization. Most milk bottles can be sterilized by boiling, such as silica gel, plastic, metal and glass, but the sterilization methods for each material are somewhat different. Glass baby bottles should not be put into boiling water directly, they should be boiled slowly with warm water, and the boiling time of plastic and silica gel should not be too long, five to ten minutes is enough. However, this type of method is not good for sterilization and needs to be used separately, so a bottle sterilizer is still needed for perfect sterilization.