Frequently Asked Questions about Adding Complementary Food to Baby

When the baby is 4 to 6 months old, it is necessary to add supplementary food to the baby appropriately, but many inexperienced mothers will also encounter many problems in the process of adding supplementary food. The following are some common problems of adding supplementary food .

1. How many months does the baby start adding complementary food?

Generally add supplementary food for 4-6 months. If the baby develops well, it can be added at 4 months old. Iron-containing rice noodles can be added, starting from 1 scoop, which is a small scoop for eating. 1 scoop is about 20-30 ml.

2. What should I do if the baby doesn't like to eat complementary food?

Add complementary foods to your baby before he feeds on an empty stomach. Egg yolk and iron-containing rice noodles are usually added, starting with a spoonful. Let the baby get used to it gradually. When the adult is eating, let him sit by and watch the adult eat, so as to attract him to eat supplementary food.

3. What is the ratio of complementary milk powder for 1-year-old babies?

3 meals, 1 milk in the morning and 1 evening, about 250ml each time. Have some fruit snacks between lunch and dinner.

4. How to start adding complementary food to baby?

Add one by one, start with a small amount of each, adapt to 1-2 weeks, and then add new ones. Generally start with rice noodles and add egg yolk for 2 weeks. The goal is to change the texture of the diet, from liquid to mushy. After adaptation, gradually increase the amount of supplementary food and not milk. The goal is to change the texture of the diet, from liquid to mushy. Gradually increase the variety, the texture changes from fine to coarse. After adding the egg yolk and rice noodles, you can make the puree. You can stew fine noodles from June to July.

5. Is there any way for babies not to eat?

Let the baby develop the habit of eating regularly. Do not eat milk, drinks and other snacks 2 hours before meals; not eat and play while eating; often change patterns, such as rice, dumplings, wontons, noodles, etc.

6. When starting to add supplementary food, can you steam custard?

Steamed custard, too early. You can only add egg yolk to eggs when you just add complementary foods. Make a paste and feed with a spoon. After adaptation, gradually increase to half an egg yolk. 8-9 months, eat egg custard.

7. What should I do if my baby has diarrhea shortly after eating complementary food?

Diarrhea, stop all food supplements. After the diarrhea is resolved, start with a small amount one by one.

8. Can supplementary foods be properly salted?

A small amount of salt can be added to the complementary food after the baby is 1 year old, and it must be light.