Helps with blocked baby noses

Babies do not yet have a fully developed immune system, so infants often suffer from colds. A blocked nose in particular has a significant negative impact on the baby's wellbeing, as babies only breathe through their nose in the first few months of life. Side effects such as sleep and digestive problems as well as secondary diseases of the ears, paranasal sinuses and the respiratory tract can occur.
A nasal aspirator helps to remove the nasal secretions from the baby's noses and allows your baby to breathe more freely.

Thanks to its flexible suction tip, the grownsy nasal aspirator removes nasal secretions gently and painlessly. The shape of the soft silicone teat is adapted to baby noses. This makes it particularly easy to insert into the small nostrils. The round and soft shapes effectively prevent irritation of the sensitive nasal mucous membranes and injuries to the nose - dermatologically tested.

The ergonomic and functional design of the pump ball allows you to use it quickly and easily. If you squeeze the ball, you create a negative pressure in the nasal aspirator. If you now slowly reduce the pressure, the nasal secretions will be sucked into the absorbent body through the suction tip. The rubber-like material TPE (thermoplastic elastomers, BPA-free) offers your fingers a non-slip grip.

After use, you can take the nasal aspirator apart quickly and easily and clean it with a gentle detergent and warm water. The individual parts can then be steam-sterilized in the vaporiser. If the cleaned suction tip is then reversed into the absorbent body, the nasal aspirator remains hygienically stored until the next use.

Product details
suitable for babies and toddlers
particularly safe: no small parts that could be swallowed
removes nasal secretions without irritating the sensitive nasal mucous membranes
with a gentle and soft suction tip
hygienic storage: simply insert the suction part upside down into the pump ball
free of phatalates, PVC and latex
Material nose tip and pump ball: 100% TPE