How does the high-pressure steam sterilizer make food safer?

The switch of the high-pressure steam sterilizer is easy and convenient, and the electronic lock can only be opened when the power is turned on, so as to avoid accidental leakage of unsterilized substances due to power failure or shutdown. The high-pressure steam sterilizer can clearly display the status, such as temperature, pressure, procedures and other related information during the operation.

The pulse air purification of the high-pressure steam sterilizer is repeated until the pressure is higher than the corresponding temperature and a supersaturated steam pressure is generated to ensure the sterilization effect. The high-pressure steam sterilizer can adjust the steam discharge according to the conditions of the substance to be sterilized. The high-pressure steam sterilizer has a rapid cooling function that can quickly cool down to a safe temperature below 80 ℃ after sterilization. The high-pressure steam sterilizer quickly dries the sample through a vacuum pump and hot air filtered by a 0.2um filter membrane to make it quickly usable. The high-pressure steam sterilizer is equipped with a standard material temperature probe mounting hole, and an optional material temperature probe is convenient for verification of the internal sterilization effect. The high-pressure steam sterilizer has triple pulses, and the pre-vacuum equipment is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump to forcibly exhaust the air remaining in the cavity, so that saturated steam can well penetrate into the sterilized items, thereby ensuring a full and effective sterilization effect.

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Nowadays, microorganisms are widely present in the surrounding environment, and some of them are pathogenic microorganisms. Starting from the prevention of infection, medical workers must strictly implement aseptic operations, disinfect and sterilize the articles and working environment used to ensure the normal progress of medical treatment and scientific research. High-pressure steam sterilization pot sterilization mainly uses physical and chemical factors to hinder the main metabolism of microorganisms, or denature and solidify the bacterial protein, or destroy its genetic material, leading to the death of microorganisms. It is also suitable for medical and health undertakings, scientific research, agriculture and other units. It is an ideal equipment for disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution cultures, etc.