How long can breast milk be kept at 42 degrees?

How long can breast milk be kept at 42 degrees? The temperature of 42 degrees is very high. Generally, the storage time should not exceed two hours. Breast milk at this temperature should be eaten immediately. Breast milk is stored for different times at different temperatures, even in different storage methods.

Now Bao Ma still has to go to work while breastfeeding. They use a Breast Pump to express breast milk in the morning and put it in a container, and then the family feeds it to the baby during the day. In the hot summer, breast milk may spoil if it is left at room temperature after being expressed. So, how long can breast milk be kept at 42 degrees?

After breast milk is expressed, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator for a long time to refrigerate or freeze. If you want to let your baby drink it for a short time, you can temporarily leave it for a few hours. The storage time of breast milk at 42 degrees is very short, not more than two hours. Breast milk can be stored at room temperature of 15°C for 24 hours; breast milk can only be stored at room temperature of 25°C for 6 hours. Breast milk can be stored for 8 days in the refrigerator at 0℃-4℃. If there is a small freezer box in the refrigerator, the storage time can reach two weeks.

If you want to store breast milk at a temperature below 0°C for a long time, do not open the refrigerator door often, and the storage time can reach six months. However, it is generally not recommended to store breast milk for such a long time to avoid losing the nutrients in breast milk.

Before breastfeeding your baby, take the breast milk out of the refrigerator. After it is decomposed, you can see that the milk and milk fat are separated, and you can also see a blue or yellow color. This is normal, and there is no need Worry. When feeding your baby to drink breast milk, you should shake the decomposed breast milk and wait for the water and milk to fuse before feeding the baby.


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