How long does the breast pump pump at a time?

It is normal to use a breast pump during breastfeeding, and mothers don't need to be shy. If mothers usually go out, they can suck out the milk, store it through a breast pump, and then feed it to TA when the baby is hungry, so that even if the mother is not around, the baby's daily milk intake can be guaranteed. So how often should mothers use breast pumps? How to control the time of each breastfeeding?

There are many types of breast pumps, such as electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps. Moms should follow the correct method and pay attention to the time of use. Usually, use an electric breast pump to squeeze the breast, and each use time cannot exceed 5 minutes, while using a manual breast pump to express milk, if you want to express 60-125ml of milk, it takes 10 minutes, but your personal situation is different. The time required is also different. It is recommended that mothers not use the breast pump for a long time, so as not to cause breast damage and affect breastfeeding.

If the mother is on maternity leave, it is recommended to use a breast pump occasionally and to feed directly. If the mother starts to work, she might as well use a breast pump every day. You can express milk twice a day at work, once at about 10 am and once at about 3 pm. If you can go home at noon, then feed yourself. If you can’t come back at noon At home, you can only express more milk each time to ensure that your baby can still drink milk when you are away.

In fact, using a breast pump is quite beneficial. First of all, it can stimulate milk secretion and increase milk production; secondly, if the mother's milk is insufficient and it is difficult to meet the baby's daily needs, this method can also be used to obtain more milk; thirdly, if the baby itself does not suck the mother's nipple , You can use a breast pump to collect milk so that your baby can eat precious breast milk, and relieve the pain caused by breast milk to the mother. Finally, mothers should suspend breastfeeding when they are sick, but in order to keep the breasts normal milk secretion, breast pumps can also be used to assist breastfeeding at this time.