How many milliliters do breastfeeding take at one time?

It is generally impossible to calculate the amount of breast milk for newborns. It is usually recommended to feed one breast for 8-10 minutes. But if the breast milk is sucked out and then fed in a bottle, the total amount of milk per day should be the child's weight multiplied by 120-150 ml. Based on the child's weight of 6 kg, the total milk volume per day is 720-900 ml, and then divided by the number of feedings, you can get the approximate amount of milk fed at a time.

The number of milliliters of normal breast milk at a time varies from person to person. Regarding the secretion of breast milk, each mother's situation is different. Some mothers have grown a lot of milk after only half an hour. There is no way to measure this. Therefore, the number of milliliters of normal breast milk will vary.

The amount of breast milk that can be expressed is different for everyone. If you have enough breast milk, you can squeeze about 100 ml at a time. If there is not much milk, sometimes 30 ml can not be squeezed out. Parents can judge whether the baby is full by observing the baby's length.

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