How much do you know about the importance of baby's complementary food?

How much do you know about the importance of baby food supplements? It is an indispensable food supplement that is indispensable to the baby’s healthy growth. It can bring the baby the nutrition it needs. As the baby grows up, the more nutrition is needed at different ages, then we should do it What complementary food is good for the baby?

In the infant stage, breast milk is the best and most nutritious. Generally, babies start to give up breast milk when they are about 1 year old. Of course, this needs to be based on whether the mother’s milk is sufficient. If the milk is not enough, you need it. Match with infant formula milk powder, otherwise the baby will often cry and cry, and it is necessary to pay attention to the healthy growth and development of the baby.

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Then as the baby grows up and the food intake increases, especially in the 4-6 months of age, breast milk or infant formula cannot meet the baby’s nutritional needs. At this time, you need to consider preparing supplementary food for your baby. Generally, you can buy it in large supermarkets or maternal and child stores. , Such as rice noodles, noodles, mashed foods and other foods that can be eaten by young children.

Note that when choosing a complementary food, you can choose different complementary foods according to your baby's age. It is best to choose some easily absorbed and digestible complementary foods. At the same time, the complementary foods cannot be used as a regular meal. Try to feed as little as possible at the beginning. Eat multiple meals so that the baby can effectively absorb the nutrients. If you feed too much supplementary food at a time, the baby will feel uncomfortable after eating too much, or the stomach will vomit out, so the amount of supplementary food each time the baby needs to be fed needs to be controlled.

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