How much is the baby's milk supply for 2 and a half months?

How much is the baby's milk volume for 2 and a half months? Two-and-a-half-month-old babies eat about 700 to 800 milliliters of milk a day. To eliminate the difference in the baby's personal food intake, the baby's milk intake can be appropriately reduced or increased.

The baby’s health is a common concern for many parents. In daily life, the baby’s healthy growth is directly related to the baby’s diet. The baby’s daily intake of nutrition is closely related to the body’s needs, especially in babies. At this age, if the baby is not full, it will affect the normal development. So, what is the amount of milk for a 2-and-a-half-month baby?

The baby’s milk intake for two and a half months is generally about 700 to 800 ml. Although the age of a two-month-old baby is relatively young at this time, the food intake has improved a lot compared with the time when the baby was born. The amount of milk feeding is between 80 and 100 ml, and you need to feed about six to seven times a day, and the interval between each feeding is about three to four hours.

The growth and development of each baby is different, the size of each baby's food intake, and the characteristics of eating are different. When the mother breastfeeds the baby, it should be calculated based on the baby's physical development. The more scientific method of milk requirement is to provide 128 ml of milk per kilogram of body weight, which is the total number of kilograms multiplied by 128, which is the total amount of milk the baby needs every day.

For two and a half months baby, breast milk is the best way to feed, but it is difficult for breastfed babies to calculate the total amount of milk every day. At this time, mothers need to observe the baby’s performance to judge every time the baby eats. Whether the milk is full, if the baby is full, he will loosen the nipple by himself, and if he is not full, he will suck the nipple forcefully.


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