How much is the indoor air conditioner on for newborns?

How much is the indoor air conditioner on for newborns? The indoor air conditioner for newborns is generally suitable to be turned on at 26 degrees. Parents should be careful not to keep the baby in the air conditioner, or open the window every three or four hours to allow air circulation.

When the newborn is still in the mother's womb, the growth environment is very comfortable, the temperature is constant, and there is no temperature difference. But after birth, you have to face changes in the outside temperature, and if you can’t adapt, you may get sick. In order to keep the indoor temperature constant, the air conditioner can be used reasonably. How much is the indoor air conditioner for newborn babies?

In the room where the newborn lives, the temperature must be comfortable. If you use an air conditioner, you must also control the temperature by season. If it is winter, the outdoor temperature is relatively low. It is recommended to set the air conditioner at around 28. This temperature can make the newborn more comfortable. If it is summer, it is recommended that the indoor temperature should not be too low, and it is best to set the air conditioner at 26 degrees.

When using the air conditioner, you must pay attention to the details. The first thing is to pay attention to the air outlet of the air conditioner. Do not blow directly at the newborn. The second is to ensure that the indoor air is fresh. It is recommended that Baoma turn off the air conditioner every two or three hours and open the windows for ventilation. At this time, let the newborn avoid the window and avoid wind.

Mom should also pay attention to the frequency of air conditioning. Don't turn on the air conditioner for a long time. When the indoor temperature is comfortable, turn off the air conditioner in time. Especially in winter, long-term use of air conditioners can easily cause respiratory discomfort in newborns. It is best to prepare a humidifier indoors.

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