How old can a child sit on a waist stool?

When can I sit on the waist stool? Actually, there is no fixed time, it just depends on the necessity. If you are going out at this time, parents will let their children sit on a waist bench safer than holding them, and it is also convenient to hold things in their hands. You can sit at this time, so don't be too entangled. It’s just that we can look at the size of the child. If the child is very young, within a few months, we can carry the child with that kind of strap. If it is four months later, it seems that you can try to sit on the waist stool, but everyone must understand that the waist stool is not a tool that a child must use during the growth and development of the child, nor does it mean that the child’s ability to sit on the waist stool means progress in development. It is used when and when necessary, as an alternative to holding.

What kind of waist stool is better

A waist stool with a strap is recommended. This kind of waist stool can fully liberate the parents' hands and use the strength of the entire lower back to support the baby's weight without too much effort. In addition, the baby's whole person in the sling, whether facing the parents or the back of the parents, will compare A sense of security.

Suitable for newborns and lighter babies. Babies less than 3 months old can use the waist stool alone, breastfeeding, feeding medicine, and sleeping in a horizontal hug position. Babies over 6 months old can be used face-to-face and face-to-face.

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How to protect your baby's spine

When using the waist stool, when the baby faces inward, we instinctively support the baby's back with our hands, which is actually protecting the baby's lumbar spine. On the contrary, when the baby is facing outside, we will feel that the baby is always safe by relying on our body, but will ignore the protection of the baby's spine.

The correct approach is to ensure that the baby's lower back is close to the parents, the thighs and the back are at right angles, and the knees are naturally bent and relaxed.

What are the precautions for using the waist stool

1. Note that all locks must be fastened tightly. The weight of the baby's entire body is in the waist stool, and the lock must be fastened to ensure the baby's safety.

2. Check if the baby is sitting comfortably. Pay special attention to check the straps, do not strangle the baby;

3. The use time should not be too long. The waist stool restrains the baby's body and makes the baby feel uncomfortable, so the time of using the waist stool should not be too long.

4. Choose a good-quality waist stool. Good-quality waist stools are more environmentally friendly, with safe locks and strong stools, which can give your baby a safer care. Don’t buy low-quality waist stools for cheap.

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