How old can babies look at the lights?

As long as the light is softer, it doesn’t matter, you can see the light from birth.

But note that it must not be strong light and harsh light. This kind of light is best not to let the child look directly at the child until the child is 3 years old, after all, it will damage the child's eye sensory.

Also for strong sunlight, when the child is still young, it is not recommended that the child touch the eyes too much, which will also cause damage.

Therefore, it is best to place some small lamps in the baby’s room. The dimmable ones will be better. Try to dim the light at night, so that even if the baby looks at the lamp, there will be no harm, but an adaptation to the light. work out.

Generally speaking, it may take a child about three months to see it. Because for one or two months, the child is sleeping every day and his vision has not yet developed. If you turn on the light, try not to turn on that. For dazzling, you can choose the kind of yellow.

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