How to choose a baby wipe warmer?

Check these items for a successful purchase.

1. The price: Wipe warmers are rarely sold very expensive, because their lifespan is quite limited, and is more often counted in months than in years. You can find some:

- From $ 30 to $ 40 for the vast majority of models.

- From $ 50 to $ 75 for models with additional features.

There are sometimes associated costs, especially if there is a humidity maintenance system: it may be necessary to buy spare sponges for example.

2. The power or the quality of heating: Unfortunately, there is no precise indicator! Trust what you read in product reviews or buying guides. Also, be aware that a temperature that works well for one baby may not be suitable for another. To overcome this problem, some manufacturers offer devices on which you can choose between different temperatures.

baby wipe warmer

3. Dimensions and weight: If you have very little space next to your changing table, we recommend that you take measures, for safety. As for the weight, it is not very important, but it can sometimes be an interesting indicator of strength: heavier products can have better durability.

4. Capacity: It is, in a very large majority of cases:

- 30 standard wipes on compact products.

- 100 standard wipes on products intended for domestic use.

5. The cover: The cover is an important part of the baby wipe warmer for a simple reason: it is the cover that will retain both heat and moisture in the box. On most models, the cover is fitted with:

Lateral retaining clips or bars.
With a flap, to be lifted to access the wipes.

Be aware that it can happen on some products that the valve closes poorly. If this is the case, use a small piece of adhesive to prevent it from opening unexpectedly, otherwise your wipes will simply run the risk of staying cold and, on top of that, drying out.

6. Maintaining humidity: To keep humidity inside the box, there are two solutions. The most common is to put water directly into the device, but you have to be careful and check if the instructions allow it. Some products have a cushion or a sponge to moisten it: you moisten it, then place it in the box. This is a much more efficient and safer technique, but it has a downside: you have to remember to add water every week, and you have to buy spare sponges at certain intervals. More details in our detailed buying guide.